Health : MINESUP receives the American Cancer Society.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof. Wilfred NYONGBET GABSA, granted an audience to a delegation from this organisation on Thursday 31 August 2023, in the conference room 904 MINESUP .

With a firm handshake, Prof Wilfred NYONGBET GABSA, Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education, extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Jennifer DENT, Chief Executive Officer of BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH), who was accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Public Health. At the centre of discussions was a training programme for healthcare professionals in cancerology. The purpose of the working visit was to request support from MINESUP. The initiative was welcomed by the representative of the Minister of State.
As part of the African Access Initiative (AAI), the training jointly offered by the American Cancer Society and the Ministry of Public Health aims to equip healthcare professionals to achieve the objectives of Cameroon’s National Cancer Control Plan:– Develop and implement a National Cancer Control Policy (NCCP);
– Increase primary prevention interventions by 25%;
– Increase the number of early detected and treated cancer cases by 25%;
– Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment, with a 10% increase in the overall cure rate;
– Produce strategic information on cancer epidemiology;
– Build institutional capacity for programme planning and management at all levels of governance.
The training, which will take place both online and face-to-face, will be supported by the University Teaching Hospital (CHU) of Yaounde , whose Director agreed in principle to support the project. The aim is to provide the medical profession with skills tailored to Cameroon’s real needs in the field of cancerology.


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